Flick and Stick

Volunteers regularly patrol the Woods and pick up litter. I regret  that if they did not do so we would soon be innundated with waste products .

The worst items we have to cope with are dog excrement in plastic bags and tissue presumably used to clean dogs posteriors. The Woods are a nature reserve and behavior of this kind is totally unacceptable. We understand that some people on circular walks drop bags and collect them later but I regret that there are a few dog walkers who are willing to put the excrement in a bag but refuse to carry the bag to a proper disposal point. We wonder if they would still enjoy the Woods if all the bags were left in situ !

We have borrowed the idea from the Foresty Commission and we now advocate that if dog walkers are not prepared to carry poo bags to a dog bin then they flick the excrement into an area where people do not normally walk. The policy is as follows ; 

If your dog does its business well away from paths - simply leave it

If your dog does its business on the side of  path use a poo bag or find a stick and flick it into the undergrowth.

If the dog does its business on the path use a poo bag and carry it to a dog bin. However if you are not prepared to do this, again please flick the mess into the undergrowth. 

Please do not feel embarassed about flicking the poo. On its own dog poo will 'disappear ' in a few weeks but plastic bags will stay around for decades.