Autumn Walk

Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 15:30

Autumn Walk After a week of very dreary weather, 44 adults and several children came along to stretch their legs on this sunny afternoon. As always, Caroline took us off on a walk through the woods, covering paths that were off the main track and new to many of us. She emphasised the age of the many of the trees in our woodland by pointing out their size and by showing us trunks from fallen trees and inviting the children to count the circles to calculate their age when fallen. We also saw fungi and wild mint, which is currently in profusion due to the particularly wet summer and a gorgeous maple. At the end of the walk we went back to the BBQ site for a welcome cup of tea, but we have to thank the indulgence of all concerned when we suffered a power failure and could only offer warm coffee! Our apologies to everyone, but we hope it did not spoil your day. Rest assured our trusty electrician will have sorted the problem out before our next event. Take a look at our gallery of the day.