Autumn Walk

Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 15:00

Autumn Walk 3.00 pm Caroline Kempster led 26 people on this very pleasant afternoon's walk through the Woods. She pointed out many interesting trees and plants including some less known species such as the Chinese Foxglove tree with its large seed pods and beautiful leaves. We walked past a very ancient and impressive Beech which looks particularly dramatic at this time of year. Several of the walkers were interested in woodpeckers which are commonplace in St Helens Woods and Caroline pointed out the evidence of a young woodpecker drilling in one tree, the holes being somewhat low to have been made by a more experienced mature bird. We also found bird droppings which we think were from the woodpecker. She explained that these can be identified by the shiny remains of ants within - we have pictured one for you - do you agree that it is woodpecker? As well as flora and fauna, Caroline pointed out the Victorian Crescent and other and the boundaries that could be seen on the walk. Many questions answered, for example, do you know the difference between a badger hole and a rabbit hole? Caroline explained that the badger hole has a flat base and the rabbit hole is round. Look out for them next time you walk through the Woods. If you are interested in the history of St Helens Woods and why they are still completely natural, do remember that Edward Preston has recorded much of this in his excellent book, which is available from the Society at just £10. This was our last guided walk for this year, but do please continue to refer to this website for information on next year's planned activities.